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The original game was released to the public in 2020. Ketchapp’s software quickly won the love of fans of the genre thanks to an unusual approach to gameplay.
The main character finds himself in a difficult situation. As a result of the next journey, the little man drawn on the screen finds himself face to face with the ruthless deep sea. The situation is complicated by the presence of bloodthirsty sharks who want to feast on the unlucky hero. It would seem that there is no salvation, but at this very moment a real gamer comes to the aid of the character. With his help, the little man’s life will be saved.


To escape from sea predators and advancing water, the character must be placed on top of the tower. As a building material, you need to use cubes with words (as in childhood). The word cannot be entered at random. It is important that it is the answer to the appropriate question that will appear on the screen. The longer the answer, the better. Thus, in order to become the savior of a drowning man, the user will need vocabulary and knowledge from various fields of science and art.

Obvious words or their synonyms can be used as an answer. Errors and typographical errors are not taken into account and will in no way affect the height of the rescue structure. The minimum number of letters is 3. There is no maximum. The main thing is that the word should not be part of a specific jargon and correspond to reality.


To access the puzzle game, the gamer will need any modern device. It is important at the same time that the device had access to a stable Internet network. Otherwise, the player may encounter the fact that the program freezes at the most inopportune moment and the little brave man will be eaten by sharks.
The number of attempts is limited. The character has only three lives. However, if this time the player fails, he can restart the program at any time and start the whole process from the very beginning.

Questions will appear on the screen. There is also a special field in which you need to enter the answer. The longer the word, the better. You can see your progress, as well as the results of the work of other users on the screen. Simultaneously with gamers, other fans of the genre from different countries can take part in the process. The location of the Internet user is irrelevant.

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