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Text Or Die Online

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The game will change the idea of a gamer about computer entertainment. From now on, not the strongest and fastest can become a winner and achieve success. From now on, the most intelligent and well-read user becomes the hero.


The game quickly became popular. Its main advantages are presented below:
1. Availability. You can play the quiz absolutely free. There is no additional fee for new levels.
2. Comfort. Unlike other puzzles, Text or die online does not require much effort from the user. The gamer does not have to waste time looking for suitable software and downloading it. All you have to do is start the game online.
3. Simplicity. In order to save the little man drawn on the screen, the user needs only a keyboard and a small amount of time.
4. Opportunity to learn. Only the most well-read user can save his character. In order for the hero to escape from the merciless abyss, he needs to be on top of the tower. Each block is a letter. The longer the answer to the question asked, the more chances to win.
5. Competition. The player will not be left alone with the danger. At the same time, several fans of the game can answer questions and build saving towers at once. Thus, you can not only have a good time, but also be convinced of your intellectual superiority.
6. Versatility. You can play Text or die using a personal computer, smartphone, laptop, tablet and other modern devices. Management and interface will remain the same.
You just need to start the game and start answering questions. The gamer will need knowledge from different areas of culture, art and science. As soon as the desired answer is found, it remains only to enter it in a special field. A tower will automatically appear on the screen, in which the number of blocks will correspond to the number of letters.

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