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Purble Place

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A classic game that still does not leave fans of the genre indifferent. Now you can play it without downloading a special program. The software is available online.

The essence of the game

After starting the program, three cute houses will appear on the screen. Each is a mini-game. The gamer can consistently test himself in all three genres. The features of each are shown below:
1. Confectionery. The user becomes a chef. It is necessary to produce certain confectionery products within a certain time. The number of forms, decor and other features depends on the level of complexity.
2. Find a mate. A simple yet addictive game. On the screen there is a grid with cards that are placed face down. The gamer must turn them over and look for duplicates. The faster and more accurate the user was, the better.
3. Create a clone. A cabinet with “ingredients” and a curtain appear on the screen, behind which the character is hiding. The task of the gamer is to guess the features of his appearance. For this, you need to use “items from the closet (nose, eyes, hairstyle, etc.).
Each game has several difficulty levels. Thus, even a regular user of the software will not be bored.

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