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100 Years – Life Simulator

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A game that will allow gamers to look at their own lives from a new perspective. Perhaps simple entertainment will help you reconsider your actions and draw the right conclusions. The software has earned recognition not only from fans of simulators, but also from critics.


The main character will be created with the help of a gamer. The user will have to choose not only the name, but also the gender, as well as the race of his hero. After that, you will need to watch him grow up. At some stages, the gamer will have to make a difficult choice. The decision can affect the rest of the character’s life.
Every year there will be more such ramifications. And this applies not only to the frequency of disputes, but also to the number of possible solutions to the problem. How the user’s opinion influenced the life of the hero can be observed online.
Management is as simple as possible. To play, you only need a modern computer gadget and a small amount of time. Thus, the user will be able to live the life of a virtual character from birth to the moment of his departure.

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