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Attack Hole

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Incredibly simple, but at the same time addictive game. The user needs to accumulate enough weapons and defeat the main enemy.

Control Features

The software is available to all Internet users, regardless of the type of computer device. The gamer will become a black hole. It fulfills its main task – it tightens all the objects that are around. In particular, we are talking about rockets, bullets, pistols and other types of weapons.
There is a limited amount of time to suck up weapons. At the same time, the more items are in the bottomless abyss, the wider its diameter becomes, and the collection of weapons becomes easier.
After a set period of time, the network user will have to fight the main boss. Now the player will come to the aid of the entire collected arsenal. There are no restrictions on the use of weapons. The main thing is to destroy the boss at any cost. Assess the condition of the enemy. Just. To do this, there is a scale on the screen corresponding to his level of health. It is necessary to achieve a zero indicator and thus win.

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