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Unpacking Master

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The game was created by a provider from Belarus. The software quickly fell in love with perfectionists, however, fans of chaos also found a peculiar charm in it.


The game begins with moving into a new apartment. Novosel needs help, because, apparently, he is a person of broad views and interests, and he has a huge amount of things in his luggage.
In order to put clothes, toys and other household items in their places, the user just needs to run the software using any modern handheld device. The controls are simple and will be intuitive even for beginners. You need to get the item out of the box and place it in a new place. Shelves, cabinets, upholstered furniture, tables, bedside tables, etc. can be chosen as the final item.
After all the actions taken, the gamer will be able to evaluate the result. To do this, you can walk around the virtual apartment and possibly change your mind about placing this or that item. Perfectionists can have fun sorting things into colors, patterns, shapes, and more. Fans of orderly chaos, on the contrary, can find an absolutely incredible place for a familiar thing.

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