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Bitlife Simulator

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The game is a life simulation. Users in their reviews note that the software is not inferior and even superior in some respects to the well-known The Sims.


The game begins with the birth of the main character. Just like in real life, it’s a lottery. The hero can be of any gender and at the same time have special characteristics.
The character is growing. The user can follow the formation of his personality and take a direct part in this process. In particular, we are talking about making decisions at a key moment for the hero.
Unlike other simulators, Bitlife simulator does not at all guarantee victory for the gamer. With the complete indifference of the player, the character can lose his social status and end up in prison, contract a dangerous disease, etc.
To prevent this from happening, it is important to take the process with all responsibility. As in real life, you need to encourage the hero to learn, develop, be restrained in romantic relationships, etc. As a result, the grown-up hero will be able to create a strong family, find a good job and demonstrate to the user the correctness of his decisions.

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