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Text Or Die 2

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The first part of the logic game quickly became popular among residents of different countries of the world. The sequel was able not only to confirm the quality of the original product, but also to surpass it.

Game Features

Software can rightfully be considered unique. Gamers have to act as a brave rescuer who needs to protect the little man on the screen. This hero is at risk of hiding in the bottomless ocean. Water arrives faster and faster, and only the user can save the character’s life. An additional incentive is the presence of hungry sharks that teem with the surrounding ocean.
The key difference between a puzzle and shooters and arcades is that the player will need his quick wits and a good vocabulary to win. The fact is that the main character can escape from the merciless abyss only by climbing to the top of the tower. The higher this structure, the more likely it is to save your life.
The tower consists of separate blocks and it is the gamer who influences the number of these elements. There are letters on the cubes. To build a high tower, it is enough to answer the question correctly. The letters in the answer word are the blocks in the saving structure.
What is unique about Text or Die is that there is no single correct answer to a question. A fan of adventure can name a word that is close in meaning. The longer the answer, the closer the victory. In order for the tower to be replenished with new blocks, it is enough to enter the text in the appropriate field.

Differences from the first part

The developers decided not to reinvent the wheel. The first part of Text or die showed its relevance, and therefore it was decided to improve the existing program, taking into account the wishes and comments of users.
There are even more questions that will be asked by gamers. In this regard, beginners need to fill in the gaps in their knowledge in advance.
Another difference in the sequel was the variety of landscapes surrounding the characters. The main characters can get into trouble on a tropical island, in the Arctic Ocean, surrounded by icebergs, escape from lava near an awakened volcano.
In the second part, the player will not only have to save his character, but also compete with other gamers. Interaction with users takes place online. Thus, you can observe the success of your opponents and form the correct and at the same time long answer to the question asked.

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