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Wall Kickers

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An excellent arcade game for fans of the genre of all ages. The software is available online.


The user will not find any special differences from classic arcade games like Mario Bros. Therein lies the beauty of the game. After launch, a completely incredible world will appear before the visitor. The bright orange sky and the lush greenery of the playing field against its background will certainly appeal to gamers and will immediately set them in the right mood.
You can control the main character using iPhone, Android handheld devices, as well as stationary personal computers. How to run, jump and turn, the user can understand using the training mode. Even beginners will be able to quickly figure out all the intricacies and start passing the next level.
Each new stage of the game will be held by a fan of arcades with the help of a new character. The first is a monkey, which can then be replaced by a snail, and so on. The main character drawn on the screen does not affect the speed of movement and maneuverability. However, many players like to collect their avatars and compare their assortment with similar achievements of other gamers.

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