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Modernized classic Japanese puzzle. The software is designed for true fans of the original genre.

Game Features

To run, you do not need to install a separate program or application. It is enough to launch the puzzle online and immerse yourself in the mysterious and alluring world of numbers.
The task of the user is relatively simple. It is necessary to correctly distribute the numbers on the presented field. It is important to consider that in one row (vertical or horizontal) there should not be identical characters. The same rule must be applied to squares (3×3).
Dealing with the task is not so easy. That is why the developer suggests that beginners first test themselves in the demo, i.e. educational format and only after that proceed to solving standard puzzles.
You can choose the difficulty level yourself. Thus, the usual process can be made more fun. The results of the next match will appear on the screen in the corresponding table. The player can follow the statistics and constantly improve in order to break the next record.

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