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Text Or Die Unblocked

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The game has become an original modernization of the usual quiz. Users can show not only their speed and strength, but also ingenuity.


An unlocked version of the original game is currently available to users. This means that the gamer can immerse himself in the process completely and not be distracted by intrusive, annoying ads.
The essence of the process is simple and at the same time will require remarkable intellectual abilities from the client. After starting the game, the endless sea space will appear on the screen. The main character finds himself in a difficult situation. The user will not only save him from the merciless depth, but also protect him from hungry sharks. In these sea waters, these predators, as it turns out, are apparently not visible.
Only a tower can become a saving island. Each block in it corresponds to a letter in the answer word. The question will appear before the gamer immediately after starting the program. The longer the answer, the higher the structure. It is important to use synonyms, which will be much longer than the first, well-known answer to the question.
You shouldn’t relax. The tower will not be stable. Gradually, she will begin to go under water. So that the main character on the screen does not drown, you need to continue answering questions. Topics can be very different. In this regard, a failed user can generally appreciate the fields of science and art and refresh his knowledge. Next time luck will surely be on the side of an experienced gamer.
Several fans of the genre can be in the game at the same time. The country of residence does not matter. In any case, only the most well-read user of the service will be able to win. It will be nice not only to make sure that nothing threatens the main character, but also to confirm your status as an intellectual.

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