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Text Or Die

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The game, which appeared in 2020, was able to turn the idea of gamers about the genre. The main task of the player is that he needs to enter the correct answer or die, sinking into the ruthless water abyss.

Game process

The essence of the software is quite simple. After starting, the user can see himself and other gamers on the screen. At the same moment, the virtual water begins to rise, risking swallowing the drawn protagonists. Service offers to save his character. To do this, you must answer the generated question.
Beginners might think that the game is similar to the classic Hangman, where the protagonist’s life also depends on the correct answer. However, certain differences still exist. They consist in the fact that the client can choose not only one word. It is important to use synonyms. For example, for the word “House” you can pick up an analogue of “dwelling”, “building”, etc.
It is important to answer the question as eloquently as possible. This is not about complex phrases, but about the number of letters. This indicator is important, because. it is from the cubes with symbols that the “island” of the protagonist’s safety is formed on the screen. The longer the word, the higher the chance of being saved.
If the word that is the answer to the question is not long enough, the main character will go under water. That is why it is important to take your time and choose your answer carefully. All the efforts expended turn into the salvation of a virtual character. The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that not the fastest and most dexterous fan of the genre can win, but the most intelligent and well-read.


The main tools of the player is his memory, outlook, breadth of views and patience. It is they who will help save the character that the user got. However, do not think that only excellent students are fans of the program. The software stimulates players in its own way and demonstrates that theory is also of great importance and can be useful at any time.
If the gamer was able to choose the correct answer, he will only have to enter it in the appropriate field on the screen of his computer gadget. If the word matches the data loaded into the program’s memory, the character on the device’s screen will automatically be at the top of the drawn tower. The player will only have to enjoy his own knowledge and feel pride in his vocabulary.

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