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Summertime Saga

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A sensational game that will surely appeal to all adult software fans. It is enough just to launch the program and again feel like an inexperienced teenager, thirsting for adventure and new emotions.


The game was released in the early 2020s. The developers have tried to make the program unique. So, fans of games with classic art, as well as fans of quests, can become fans of the game SUMMERTIME SAGA.
The main character is a student who was forced to miss a large number of classes and is now catching up. And we are talking not only about immersion in the secrets of science, but also about relationships with the opposite sex.
There are a huge number of girls around the main character. Each with its own character and hobbies. It is important to find an approach to each. To do this, you need to pump your intelligence, dexterity and other skills. For these purposes, various mini-games with different levels of difficulty have been developed. The reward will not keep you waiting. The winner will be able to spend a pleasant evening in the company of a young beauty and not only.

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