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Among Us

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The developers of the game were able to demonstrate that for real success, the software does not have to have amazing graphics at all. The plot component, accessibility and easy navigation are important.


The history is quite interesting. The main characters of the game are unusual aliens. During another space trip, their starship breaks down. To survive, little adventurers need not only to repair their ship, but also to clean up its various rooms.
Each team member has their own unique abilities. To become a winner, you need to go through a series of mini-games and thus achieve the main goal – to resume flight. The number of lives of the main characters is limited. However, the gamer can restart the game at any time and start rescuing the mission again.
The situation is complicated by the presence of traitors on the ship. These bloodthirsty enemies set themselves only one goal – to destroy all peaceful crew members. Who they are is almost impossible to distinguish at first glance. However, along with the development of the plot, traitors will be identified and punished.

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