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Text Or Die 3

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The third part of the beloved quiz game was released in 2022. The provider did everything possible to use the software for customers from around the world.


The essence of the gameplay of the third part completely copies the original. The user will have to save a little brave traveler who finds himself in a difficult situation. The hero is surrounded by a bottomless ocean full of danger. In particular, the life of the main character is threatened by hungry sharks. The only salvation will be the tower. The main character will be on top of the island only if the user can fully demonstrate their intellectual abilities.
A question will appear on the screen. The gamer needs to give an answer to it. The longer the word, the better. You can choose any well-known synonym. The number of letters in this word will be equal to the number of blocks that will make up the saving tower. Questions may relate to different areas of science or culture. In particular:
• literature;
• The World History;
• physics;
• structure of the solar system;
• music;
• cinema, etc.
Specific knowledge from the user is not required, however, a broad outlook will become a clear trump card. It is important for beginners to understand that several people from different countries of the world will be participants in the gameplay at once. The gamer can compete with them. The winner will be pleased to know that he not only knows the correct answer to the question, but also has enough knowledge to win the next round.


The game is available to fans of the series online. It is enough to run it and the main character will immediately appear on the screen. The virtual reality surrounding him may be different. For example, a character may end up at the North Pole, in the open ocean, on an island, and so on. The essence of this does not change. The drawn little man could be face to face with the problem. However, the user can come to the rescue.
The first question will immediately appear on the screen. You must enter the answer in the appropriate field. The more letters it contains, the better.

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